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Maximizing Your Organizational
and Social Resources
Humax tools help you build the right network and use it well. Use our assessments, interactive experiences, and online networking software to accomplish your goals.
Maximize Your Network’s Return on Investment Today!
Reciprocity Ring
Reciprocity Ring
Find out more about The Reciprocity ring.
Individual Assessment
Revolutionize your network with the online Reciprocity Ring.
Individual Assessment
Individual Assessments
What’s your network? Take our assessment to find out.
Organizational Assessment
Organizational Assessments
What’s your organization's network? Map it here.
Keynote Address
Keynote Addresses
Dr. Baker, our resident expert, is available for keynote addresses.
Humax LogoReciprocity Ring

Revolutionize Your Network with The Reciprocity Ring

"The Reciprocity Ring is a revolutionary exercise in corporate give and take—a remarkable experience that changes the way we see helping, problem-solving, and social networks."

–Adam Grant, Wharton professor and author of Give and Take

Recommended Books:

Adam Grant - Give And Take Wayne Baker - Achieving Success Through Social Capital Wayne Baker - Networking Smart

Combine our tools to create your own step-by-step program for tapping the hidden resources in your business, professional, and personal networks.
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Who Benefits from Humax?
Humax LogoRipplleffectBETA

Ripplleffect BETA is an online collaboration tool that puts the power of reciprocity in your hands 24/7. It is the online version of the proven Reciprocity Ring activity. Humax Corporation is using its unique experience with Ripplleffect to create the first mobile app based on the power of reciprocity.

Sign up for updates on its release. Want to be a beta site? Let us know!