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BK8 Affiliate Program - Start Earning up to 45% Commission When You Promote Singapore’s Best Casino

Promote one of the leading Singapore online casinos through the BK8 Affiliate Program and earn up to 45% commissions. It is free, easy, and straightforward to generate substantial commissions if you join now with smart promotion strategies.


Overview about BK8 Affiliate Program

Commission Rate30% - 45%
Affiliate SupportLive Chat, Email, etc.
Marketing SupportSingapore
Payment MethodPayPal, PayNow, GrabPay, Cryptocurrency, etc.
Affiliate CampaignInstagram, Facebook, etc.

What is BK8 Affiliate Program?

BK8 Affiliate Program offers an opportunity to gain rewards of as high as 45% by promoting Singapore’s online casino. With efficient marketing methods, tailored both for the local and international markets, affiliates can get excellent value for money with their traffic interested in online gaming. It provides full support and tracking aids to the affiliate to maximize his profits with successful and target-oriented marketing activities.

How Does the BK8 Affiliate Program Work?

BK8 Affiliate Program allows its members to earn up to 45% commission by referring players to BK8, Singapore’s greatest casino. Each affiliate will be given a unique tracking link that can be used on multiple platforms like websites, social media, and email. Commissions are earned based on the activity of the players and the deposits they generate through that referral link.

3 Reasons to Join BK8 Affiliate Program


High Commission Rates

By joining the BK8 Affiliate Program, one can pocket up to 45% commissions for each player introduced to BK8. This large commission structure ensures that there will be a reasonable monetary return from the efforts of marketing and promotion a person puts in.


Fast Payout

Faster payment processes mean that BK8 program affiliates can get commissions credited into their accounts in the shortest time. This would contribute to less waiting time for earned commissions and thus increase financial stability and satisfaction.



As an affiliate, you have full discretion on how and where you promote BK8, whether through social media, content marketing, or other means. This flexibility can let any affiliate change their strategies at will to achieve the greatest conversion rates and thus earning potential.

How to Register for a BK8 Affiliate Account?

Below are several simple steps for those interested in registering for an account as a BK8 Affiliate:

  1. Visit the BK8 website and select the Affiliate Program option.
  2. Click the Register button and fill out the registration form with your personal information, such as your name, email address, and chosen payment method.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and click the “Register” button to complete the procedure.
  4. When your account is created, you will get a confirmation email with your unique referral link.
  5. Start sharing your referral link to start earning commissions.

Breakdown of BK8 Affiliate Referral Commission

With the BK8 Affiliate Program, tiered commissions can reach as high as 45% of net gaming revenue created by recommended players. Precisely, this breakdown signals a really good return for this kind of referral business.

How to be Eligible for BK8 Affiliate Referral Commission?

To be eligible for the BK8 affiliate referral commission, you should:

  • Register for the BK8 Affiliate Program and create an affiliate account.
  • Agree to and follow the program’s terms and conditions.
  • Use your personal affiliate tracking link to refer players to BK8.
  • Ensure that referred participants satisfy the program’s requirements and participate in qualifying activities.

BK8 Commission Structure at a Glance

Understanding the BK8 commission structure is critical for affiliates who want to optimize their revenue potential. The program uses a tiered commission scheme to compensate affiliates depending on the success and participation of their referred players.

This structure not only offers a strong financial base but also encourages more involvement and income growth. Here’s a breakdown of the BK8 commission structure: 

  • Tier 1: Earn 30% commission on net gaming revenue from referred players
  • Tier 2: Earn 35% commission by improving performance and player activity.
  • Tier 3: Earn up to 45% commission for top performance and significant player activity.

Promotional Ideas for BK8 Casino

Social Media Campaigns

Design engaging posts, stories, and ads on Instagram, Facebook, and X (Twitter) for promotions, games, and all the unique selling propositions of BK8. Run targeted ads that guarantee prospects sign up using your affiliate link.

Content Marketing

Create quality blogs, reviews, and tutorials regarding BK8 Casino on your website or blog. Work on SEO methods for driving organic visitors to the site and incorporate affiliate links to maximize conversion.

Email Marketing

Design an engaging email campaign with your subscriber list simply by sending any special offers, bonuses, and propaganda about BK8 Casino to them. Personalize your email so that it attracts target audiences and convinces them to register at the online casino through your affiliate link.

Range of BK8 Affiliate Products


Sports Betting

BK8’s affiliate product – Sports Betting, offers a great platform where affiliates can very easily promote a variety of sports betting opportunities. The interface allows users to make live bets on sporting activities like football, basketball, tennis, and many others. 

Competitive odds guarantee that users will receive the best return on any kind of bet they may have in mind to place. A user-friendly interface also supports easy navigation and would be perfect for all kinds of bettors, from the experts to the beginners.


3D Games

With the 3D games affiliate product, BK8 will provide affiliates with several visually immersive and interactive games. Affiliates can promote these games, which feature high-quality 3D graphics and engaging gameplay experiences. These games are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy a realistic gaming experience on their preferred platforms.



Slot games from BK8 are one of their diversified products, offering a wide variety of slot games to suit every player’s taste. Regarding this, affiliates can offer players a huge collection of classic slot games and various modern video slots featuring exciting bonus rounds, free spins, and high RTP rates, which makes playing more engaging for players and increases winning possibilities. Such features an affiliate could use to lure slot enthusiasts who seek entertainment not only in gameplay but also in significant rewards.


Live Casino

BK8 Live Casino is a product that brings real casino flavor straight onto the screens of players. Affiliates will be able to market a live environment wherein players are involved with real-time dealers playing all classic table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker. Video streaming in high definition makes sure that the gaming experience is sharp and clear, while the addition of the live chat feature furthers social interaction among fellow players and dealers alike.

Varieties of BK8 Promotional Materials


BK8 offers affiliates a variety of banners that could be used on sites, blogs, or social media. These banners are sure to attract visitors and, with their catchy visuals and call-to-action messages, certainly evoke clicks that put users right on the BK8 website.

Text Links

Text links can serve as a means of tracking affiliate referrals and are easily woven into most content to deliver a promotional message. They work well when inserted into blog posts, articles, or social media captions, and assist affiliates in sending traffic to some specified landing pages of BK8’s website.

Email Marketing Materials

BK8 offers affiliates pre-designed email templates and marketing materials. These materials include newsletters, promotional offers, and updates that affiliates can send to their email lists. They are designed to engage recipients and encourage them to visit BK8’s website and sign up, maximizing conversion opportunities through targeted email campaigns.


The BK8 Affiliate Program offers numerous opportunities for affiliates to maximize premier casino offerings in Singapore. With a variety of products such as sports betting, 3D games, slots, and live casinos to engage audiences of interest, it provides tools under this program to ensure that the affiliates have all they need to help optimize earnings through strategic promotional initiatives and customer retention programs within an increasingly competitive online gaming marketplace.



1. How do I sign up to become a BK8 affiliate?

To join the BK8 Affiliate Program:

  • Visit the BK8 website and select “Affiliate Program.”
  • Click “Register,” fill out the form with your personal details and preferred payment method.
  • Accept the terms and click “Register” to complete.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email containing your unique referral link once your account is created.
  • Begin sharing your referral link to start earning commissions.

2. What are the commission rates for the BK8 Affiliate Program?

The commission rates for the BK8 Affiliate Program different from 30% to up to 45% based on performance and player activity.

3. What marketing tools and resources are available to BK8 affiliates?

BK8 affiliates have access to a range of marketing tools and resources including banners, text links, and email templates to enhance their promotional efforts.